Monday, January 19, 2009

Life is Learning

Well, it was an interesting and educational week. We did all the regular stuff. Rhubarb had orchestra, practiced violin, had a lesson, and started a new concerto. She is prepping for her recital this Friday, where she will play Rieding's Concerto. It will be nice to say good-bye to Rieding who, due to holidays and massive amounts of snow, has overstayed his welcome a bit. Both Rhubarb and Eggplant worked on more double-digit addition and subtraction, cursive, spelling, reading, Kreyol, and Time4learning.

Rhubarb had karate, a venture Eggplant has decided to forgo for the time being (he is a lover, not a fighter). Both also went wall-climbing twice. Rhubarb did a little writing and reading about the coming Inauguration and she and I read Little House in the Big Woods together. All 3 kids went to Homeschool gym and had special playdates, Rhubarb and Blueberry with 2 girls of similar age and Eggplant with another builder boy!

Our Latin arrived Tuesday and we have all been loving it. It is music-centered and so we spent last week listening to and learning the songs. We will start the book this week.

We had several unplanned educational experiences this week. First, I ended up going to the ER Wednesday because my doctor wanted to check on something right away. Unfortunately, we had a mini-blizzard so my doc sent me to the ER. It was not an emergency, but did need attention. The doctor was so nice. He let each of the kids listen to their hearts with the stethoscope. Then the nurse showed them exactly how the needles work for an IV. It was all very educational and you can imagine how excited Doctor Blueberry was.

Second, HotNerd was laid off. This economic downturn has really affected us. He is a programmer who tends to program the extra, pretty stuff for companies (I don't really know what he does so that is my best description). Anyway, the pretty stuff is the first to go. This time, there is no severance and our savings is dry from the last time. So we have been summoning the spirit of my depression era grandmother all week. Besides having long talks about how we are going to save money and making arrangements to keep some activities, we have really worked hard to turn off lights, eat more mindfully, etc. We also spent Saturday making homemade laundry and dish soaps. The kids LOVED that.

Finally, today was the ordination of one of our ministers at church. Not only did the kids get to see an ordination, but they got to see me all robed for the ordination. So they learned all about the process of becoming a minister and then participated in the ceremony itself (both kids and ministers did the laying on of hands part).

We look forward this week to experiencing the historic inauguration together!!

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