Sunday, January 4, 2009

FInal Random Happenings

Here are a few more of those random items I have been wanting to record:


Eggplant has been speaking in layers lately. He started to tell me about how his "propeller" doesn't actually work anymore. Upon further questioning, he revealed that at least the propeller doesn't work when attached to the engine from his gears set. Still peeling the onion, he mentioned that this is particularly true when the propeller is attached to the engine with a little bit of tape-of-unknown-origin.
One more layer exposed explained that the propeller does not work when attached to the engine by the tape-of-unknown-origin because the batteries will not stay where they need to stay. And finally, the core of the onion revealed that the batteries will not stay in the engine attached to the propeller by the tape-of-unknown-origin because THE WHOLE CONTRAPTION IS UNDERWATER!

Mystery solved. We have been having many conversations lately where the core of the problem is revealed only after several layers of questioning are administered and removed.


Blueberry had a nightmare recently that she told me was "not even appropriate for adults."

Blueberry wanted a doctor kit for her Halloween costume (see how old these "catch-ups" are?). She and I went to the toy store to procure said doctor kit. When we entered toy store, I pointed out some beautiful princess outfits. Blueberry exclaimed with feminist exasperation: "Mamma...those are princesses. I don't want to be a princess. I need a doctor kit so I can be a doctor!" Later, at cafe (on our weekly date), she was embracing her doctor kit and squeeled, "I can't stop smiling!"

Blueberry reads a lot of signs these days, usually under her breath. She read "Pappa Johns" the other day. She also wrote "January" yesterday by herself.

On Kwanzaa...

HotNerd: I think today is "Unity".
Blueberry: Actually, it's called umoja (We have no idea how she knows that).

Rhubarb and Eggplant:

Rhubarb, Eggplant, and HotNerd went wall climbing 2 weeks ago. The last time they did this was exactly one year ago. Eggplant is a process man. His method was to climb a short length of the wall over and over again. He had no desire to reach the top but did want to climb as much as possible. Rhubarb, on the other hand, climbed all 5 stories 4 times. She's all about the goal, the final destination, the product. It was very important to her to not only get to the top, but to grab the gargoyle once there. They are both consummate studs, but very different in their approaches to studliness.

Incidentally, when we returned home, they both could not wait to read something. Rhubarb read to Blueberry much of the night and Eggplant read to us all through dinner. Just before bed, Eggplant jumped up and down yelling, "I love to read! I love to read!" Their little brains always explode when their bodies are challenged.


An interesting read (though a much shorter list than usual):
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