Saturday, January 24, 2009

Baby Grows Up

Rhubarb had a violin recital yesterday. She played Rieding's Concerto in B Minor, 3rd Movement.

Really, I couldn't be more proud of her. In fact, she brought me to tears BEFORE she even played. I looked over to remind her to get her violin ready when it was almost her turn and saw this lovely, poised young lady sitting there with her violin already lying gracefully in her lap. No need for a reminder from mom. My baby is growing up so quickly. How can this be? Then she played. She is, as always, the consummate professional. No matter how she might struggle in practice the days before a recital, she always plays beautifully for her performances. Last night was no exception.

You can see her performance here.

She must have sensed herself that she is moving from one phase of childhood into another, more mature phase. Today everyone got all bundled up and HotNerd took them to the park. Rhubarb had a hard time on the swings because her long legs kept dragging on the ground (partially due to the snow, partially because it is a smaller kids' park, partially because she is so tall). She came home in tears, sad about growing up so quickly, expressing that it is all happening so fast. She said she didn't like her long legs and I nearly cried. All I could do was affirm her sadness and loss. When she seemed ready, we talked for a bit about all the benefits of growing up and how she was becoming such a wonderful young woman. She asked if she could use our "china", the good stuff, since that would be more befitting a young woman. She asked if she has fancy enough dresses for a young woman. Then she laid on the couch and read an American Girl Book, Nellie. My baby is growing up.

A hearty thanks goes out to some friends I met in Chile, who told me of their 8-ish daughter going through the same thing. I was, at least, mildly prepared.

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