Monday, December 1, 2008

Week in Review: 11/23-29

I am truly stunned at the amount of time the kids spend doing art. I am trying to remember when I stopped doing art so much. When do kids normally slow down in art? Is that something that happens once they enter school and they are assigned work rather than getting to choose a good portion of their activities? I may have to look this up because it is truly amazing to me the sheer hours spent on arts and crafts around here.

As with last week, we are spending a good deal of this week making Furoshiki to sell at our church's annual Alternative Gift Fair. 100% of the purchase price (all materials were donated) will go to Limye Lavi, a Haitian organization working to eradicate child slavery in Haiti. The Fair is this weekend. Next week, we will head off out for Christmas with the grandparents. I know a lot of homeschoolers who take the entire month of December off. My kids have NEVER let me do this. I am not even going to try this year. Like last week, however, the month will be choppy and certainly abbreviated in both activities and curriculum. Having said that, the educational gain of making and selling items at the Fair to benefit Haiti is in itself priceless. Add to that our homemade Christmas (nothing purchased this year -- except a few materials), serving dinner Christmas day at the homeless shelter in the basement of our church, traveling to and from the grandparents' home, purchasing and sending supplies to the kids' orphanage in Haiti to replace those lost in the hurricanes this year, and the holidays themselves (including those we don't celebrate and also the traditions from around the world that we'll discuss) and I'd say -- even without the stuff the kids will be begging to do, like their precious workbooks, and the things we always do, like reading and violin -- it's going to be a pretty educational month.

Blueberry: Progressive Phonics (o- done); Thankful Tree
Eggplant: T4L: language arts (-ur, -er, -ar); story composition/illustration; Thankful Tree; Workbook
Rhubarb: knitting; typing; violin, workbook, Thankful Tree; story composition/illustration

Blueberry: Social Studies: White House
Eggplant: Playdate; Social Studies: Haiti
Rhubarb: violin; violin lesson; Social Studies: Haiti

Eggplant: story composition; math w/ Pappa
Rhubarb: violin; story composition;math w/ Pappa

Thankful Tree:

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