Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You Give Me Fever!!

Blueberry, who had a fever for 2 days, awoke in the middle of the night and blabbered and blabbered literally until the fever broke. She was sleeping with us since she was sick. She woke up and mumbled to me that she needed me to sit up so she could lie on me while also sitting partially up. I assumed she was having trouble breathing.
Apparently, she just needed a platform upon which to perform. In a bit of a daze, just as we were giving her Tylenol to reduce her fever, she began to blabber: "Mamma, do you know that "E" told me that her name is really pizza and that her dad wanted to name her pizza when she was a baby. And "A" said that she could be named pizza too, Mamma. Mamma, which part is my heart? Is it here or here? Oh -- I see...it's here. It's going ca-thump-ca-thump-ca-thump super super fast. Here Mamma, feel it. Put your hand on my heart. Good good. Now put my hand on my heart. There see -- ca-thump-ca-thump-ca-thump super super fast." At this point, HotNerd and I were just cracking up. I thought I'd egg her on a little, asking her sone questions from activities and conversations we'd had earlier in the week:

Me: "Hey Blueberry...Tell Pappa how you read all the 'o' words in your book today."
She responded, still blabbering as fast as possible: "EASY! I finished the whole 'o' book and -- do you know -- we read some of it EVEN at night. Next I'll read the 'u' words! EASY!"
Me: "Hey Blueberry...what are the parts of the brain?" (Blueberry LOVES those medical books and has been really into one about the brain this week)
Blueberry: "EASY! First, there's the cerebellum, just like there's a girl in my Sunday School class named Sarah Bellum (there's not BTW); then there's the brain stem that's connected to the spinal cord here or is it here or is it here; then...oh wait -- what's the third one?"
Me: "The cerbrum."
Blueberry: "Oh yah! EASY! The cerebrum. That's all up here and here and here."

Then the Tylenol must have taken effect because she slowly slid off of me and babbled herself to sleep, leaving me wide awake with residual laughter. She awoke this morning her usual self, sans fever.

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