Sunday, November 23, 2008

That's Why Child-like is a Compliment

We finally got a much-coveted spot in the garage this summer. This came after spending the most grueling winter of my life with a car parked outside of the garage, a car one or both of us had to scrape and de-snow regularly, a car from which we had to unload groceries and sleeping children and walk through snow and ice to get into the apartment building. So, it is no wonder that when I saw huge flakes of snow falling from the sky this morning, my second thought (after "That's perfect for Thanksgiving") was, "YES! We're in the garage this year. No more car-scraping."

It's funny how different the adult perspective is from the child's perspective. When Rhubarb saw the huge flakes of snow, her third comment (after "look how BIG the flakes are" and "I know what snow is made of") was, "Oh look at the cars covered with snow. Oh I wish our car could get covered with snow like that!" Kids have good attitudes.

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