Monday, November 17, 2008

My Boy Finally Outweighs his Height

Eggplant had his 7 year well-child Friday. He remains constant: about 1 lb. per inch. I knew we'd see a huge change when he walked out of his room last week with pants that had fit very recently climbing up past the tops of his ankles. In fact, after a very humorous fashion show, we discovered that he has only ONE pair of fitting pants. Sure enough, wearing said pants, a heavy pair of Levi's, a t-shirt, sweatshirt, and thick wool socks (so, basically, soaking wet), he weighed all of 54 lbs. for his newly acquired 50.5 inches (this after he just eeked into getting to ride the rides at Como Park, MN at 48 inches this summer). He is, as always, remarkably healthy and strong, always a meaningful thing for me to hear considering the weak, limp, sickly little peanut we brought home a little over 5 years ago.

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