Monday, November 24, 2008

The Love of Learning

So Just as any parent whose child is traditionally schooled has days when they doubt that their child's school is offering the best educational experience for them, there are days, typically fueled by exhaustion, when I worry about home schooling. On those days, I need to re-read what I am about to post:

On most nights, when I go in to the kid's rooms to let them know they should think about turning off the lights and going to sleep soon, they are either reading books or writing in their workbooks. The workbooks are ones that we get one sale either in late fall or early summer and that we keep around just for extra stuff to do. They are typically the sort meant to be used during the summer to remind kids what they learned the year before. My guess is that very few traditionally schooled kids are thrilled when mom pulls them out of her bag and presents them as a summer rubric. My kids do them for fun, to relax before bed, to wind down a bit. They LOVE them. Last night, after suggesting to Eggplant twice that he should consider getting some sleep soon, he came out of his room to show me he had finished his workbook and to ask if we could please get him the next one in the series.

The main goals of education should be to foster a love of learning in children and to offer the resources necessary in pursuing learning. I think using a workbook to wind down in the evening says loads for their love of learning. It also says a great deal for their experience that they go to the workbooks or resource books to engage their brains.

This morning, when I awoke, Rhubarb bounced to me (she quite literally bounces) and proclaimed, "Mamma...I didn't end up getting any knitting done in bed because I was really enjoying my workbook."

I record it here so I can refer back to it when I am feeling concerned about homeschooling...due to all that exhaustion.

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