Monday, November 17, 2008

Blueberry Does Math, but Not Cool

Blueberry has decided that she wants to participate in Pappa's math sessions. He gives her age and skill appropriate tasks and she loves them. The other night, as they were all creating graphs, Blueberry ran into my room, showed me her graph, and pronounced, "Look Mamma! I made this chart so that every time I want to call someone stupid but I don't, I can put a check mark!" I'm not sure how one tracks things they almost do or merely want to do, but she's using her math noodle.
In another Blueberry note, the same child who tells me dinner is "delectable" and who, in response to Eggplant asking why boys can't have babies, sauntered by breezily responding, "Because boys don't have a uterus", is struggling to use expressions that one might consider remotely "cool". My quintessential nerd came home from a sleep-over last week (while HotNerd and I had a date) desperately wanting to use the expression her somewhat cool friend "E" uses: "What the heck!" Somehow, when vocabulary sifts through her brain, all the huge, unlikely (a bit nerdy) words make it to her mouth while the more modern, hip expressions trip over her tongue. So, all week, the same child who requested "privacy" at 16 months of age, has been saying, "What a hack that?" With HotNerd and me as parents, she never had a chance. 

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