Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Imploding Children and the Grandparent Visit

Riddle me this: Why do my kids implode when their grandparents visit? If anyone is reading, tell me your kids do the same. A little bit? Please.

The grandparents came this weekend (Sunday). It was a casual day -- no big events. Eggplant opened his birthday presents, HotNerd, Eggplant, and Granpa put together Eggplant's new bedroom-turned-workshop, we had some cake. This should have been a perfectly normal day. We have similar days all the time. No one drops a vise on their toe and then cries for an hour on those days. No one collides, chin to head, leaving one child with a hugely bloody lip and the other crying alone in her room while mom and dad take care of the blood. All is typically manageable.

I am pretty sure that the granparents have never actually seen all 3 kids together AND calm at the same time. They walk in the door or we walk into their door and -- WHAM -- they are overtaken by the spirits of drum-beating-chest-pounding-ear-piercing warriors. Is there a treatment for this? Anyone?

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