Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Doctor is in!

Yesterday we went to the library -- twice. First we went to the South Branch. They have toys there and Blueberry found a doll with a ballerina skirt. The hat she was wearing was made of white felt and had a heart on it, therefore slightly resembling an old nurse's hat. Blueberry yelled (in the library), "Mamma, LOOK it's a ballerina doctor -- just like ME!"

Later, we went to the North branch because Blueberry had requested more medical books. I also needed a nutrition book and so went upstairs to that section, which happened to be next to the medical section. Blueberry asked if she could choose some books. "Sure," I said, thinking she would not find them interesting enough. She chose Gray's Anatomy, The Color Atlas of Anatomy, and The Homeopathy Bible. She requested The Homeopathy Bible as her bed time story. I tried to talk her into Blue's Clues for my own benefit - as reading about ailments is never good for me. Nope. She particularly enjoyed the section on Ringworm. Fun.

This morning she announced to Clotilde, Kreyol tutor, that she was going to have a cake with a person having surgery on it for her next birthday. Like it's not already rough enough to find good gluten free recipes. Now I have to make a person having surgery on top.

Finally, she will be dressing as a ballerina doctor for Halloween.

I love how my baby girl thinks!

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