Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blueberry and Reading

Blueberry is really picking up reading easily. I am pretty impressed. Once she deemed me qualified to teach her, we've had a pretty easy time of it. Of course, she does have 2 siblings reading to her and encouraging her. I think I should write my apology letter to Rhubarb now and tuck it away until she has her first child.

Dear Rhubarb, it's not easy being the first. Really, you were my practice piece, my warm-up, my scales. Please take comfort in knowing that all that I learned from the mistakes I made with you benefitted your brother and sister to a great extent. Here's $10,000.00 for therapy. All my love, Mamma. 

The point being that teaching Eggplant to read was a bit easier than teaching Rhubarb and teaching Blueberry could possibly turn out to be easiest of all (With her being third).

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