Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Blueberry on Mosquitos: "The mosquitos tried to bite me and I told them, 'I know I have peach skin, but I am NOT a peach! And my love spots [2 cafe au laits on her back] look chocolaty but they are NOT chocolate!"

Blueberry on Families: (incredulously) "Mamma....why do some families all look the same?"

Blueberry on Fashion: "Mamma....why don't you wear dresses like other adult women?"

Blueberry on Identity: "I don't want anyone to call me a name anymore. Don't call me Blueberry. Just say, 'Come eat now' or 'It's time to go to bed now', but don't use my name (This little idea has had some staying power, usually when she is annoyed with us)."

Blueberry on her Current Medical Obsession: (at the library when I showed her a book on cells -- with great animation): "Rhubarb look! Eggplant look! A book all about CELLS!!!"

Blueberry on her Current Medical Obsession Part II: (while sobbing because she could not ride her bike to the library, I let her know that we could get more medical books if she wanted): "Sob sob sniff sniff...Can I get a sniff sniff book about the brain this time? (when I told her she could, she brightened up) Can I get more books about hospitals and blood?"

Blueberry on Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimmer: (She LOVES Michael Phelps and regularly asks to watch his races and knows all the terminology. While eating breakfast, she said whistfully) "Michael Phelps has a lot of freckles."

Blueberry on Michael Phelps Part II: "Mamma...can we go visit Michael Phelps soon?"

Eggplant on Driving: (After I'd had minor surgery this summer, I couldn't drive for a few weeks. The first time I drove, I joked that I could not remember how to drive. Eggplant then proceeded to narrate the whole journey for me) "Okay Mamma, go slowly here and only one way. Good good. Now that's a slow down bump so you have to slow down. Good Mamma. Here you turn your steering wheel the way you want to turn..."

Eggplant on Driving Part II: (Rhubarb finally had had enough and told him I knew how to drive) "Rhubarb, she said she forgot so I am JUST HELPING HER! Oh good Mamma, you slowed down. Good. Very good."

Eggplant on Careers: "Well, I am going to do Merckeration....that's when you build a house really small and then you build it again a little bigger and then again a little bigger and you keep doing that until the house is the right size and the right kind."

I realize the scale is tipped towards Blueberry's funnies. Eggplant and Rhubarb tend to DO a lot of funny things (like how Eggplant fills buckets of water on the beach, places them in the sled and delivers them to sand castle builders or how Rhubarb trips/falls regularly and pops back up immediately, pronouncing, "I'm OKAY!"), while verbal Blueberry tends to SAY more funny things.


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