Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Day in the Life (with horses and near electrocution)

As usual, the day began with loudness and Legos, our 2 "L's". Rhubarb and Eggplant worked to further complete a Castle Legos project, which will eventually become part of our Math curriculum. Eggplant then moved onto Snap Circuits, following the instructions marked with huge red triangles of doom and the words NEVER DO THIS! Fortunately I caught him just as he was searching for the final connector, the one that would have easily shown him what those huge triangles of doom mean. Crisis averted.  THIS time. Of course, Eggplant, my Eggplant, went on to ask me a million questions about what would have happened, clearly evaluating the risk to curiosity ratio. Risk won this time. THIS time.

Meanwhile, Rhubarb and I read some more from a book about Helen Keller, looking up new words in our new dictionary of coolness (I had forgotten just how enjoyable a dictionary can be). She also wrote down the unknown words and their definitions.

Blueberry did starfall.com during this time, until she grew frustrated and tossed Eggplant's Snap Circuits on the floor - no relation to her initial frustration.

As I write, at 8:36 a.m., hunger has finally won out, all 3 are eating toast, and the damn educational Snap Circuits is playing Happy Birthday over and over and over, starting and stopping in response to the kids' purposeful loud banging noises (as Eggplant has apparently created the most annoying educational version of the Clapper known to humanity).

It is now 11:30 a.m. and Rhubarb and Blueberry have both finished their violin practices -- Blueberry's led by Rhubarb since she will not let me lead her practices -- since I am not a "REAL" violinist. Whatev.

Rhubarb took a bit of convincing to get her to finally settle down and practice her violin, but she sounded quite lovely. Eggplant played with MORE Snap Circuits and then more Legos. After violin, Rhubarb read the rest of a Rosa Parks book and 1 more chapter of the Helen Keller book to herself. Since then, all 3 have been pretty happily playing some sort of "school" that apparently serves the blind, deaf, orphaned, and equine (I don't know why).

After lunch, we went to Rhubarb and Eggplant's first horseback-riding lesson. They requested the lesson in lieu of a party for their 5th adoption day. First of all, these are the same 2 children who, not too long ago, were sent running and screaming by the sight of kittens. Just 2 weeks ago, when we walked through the stables, Rhubarb took quite a while to actually approach a pony -- a teeny tiny pony named Mijo. Somehow, though, these same kids mounted those horses today as if they had been riding forever. In fact, 3 different adults, including their instructor, assumed that they had ridden before. Eggplant seemed to have somewhat of a Horse Whisperer-type relationship with the horse (Buster) and had him happily trotting within 10 minutes. Rhubarb had more of a sport-type relationship with the horse easily guided him back into position when he tried to walk over to play with his horse buddy Simon. He too was quickly trotting. I am constantly amazed at both of their abilities to enter any athletic pursuit and do it as if they had been born doing it.

After the stables, we changed and went to violin for Blueberry and Rhubarb and then home for dinner, books, and bedtime.

And that's a day in this life.

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