Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shy Girl Does Violin

Today was Blueberry's first official violin lesson. That is to say that today was the first official violin lesson following several false starts. Each time we have tried a lesson, my shy little talker (not at all mutually exclusive) would either crazily roll around on the floor, run away and curl up into a ball to hide, or protest -- despite the fact that it has been SHE who has begged for lessons. After many months of discussing a fresh start after she is four, and preparations that included (but were not limited to) role playing, practicing, and multiple choice games (When Julie greets you, are you going to A. run and hide under a blanket, B. greet her back, or C. yank the whiskers from her chin? etc. etc.), my little girl conquered the gigantic hurdle of tackling her shyness for the greater good.

I was so impressed with my little shy girl. Aside from some itchy hives on her back, which also occurred the first time she had a swim class (seriously -- nervous HIVES on my 4 year old), and some nervous chatter, you would never have known she was so shy. She interacted with Julie (who, by the way, she has known since Eggplant started violin when HE was 4 and with whom we socialize), took instructions well, and even (and this is HUGE) let Julie touch her when necessary.

We are very fortunate that Julie is also quite shy, herself gets hives up her neck, and can completely relate to a child like Blueberry. She even told Blueberry about her own shyness, which helped her a lot. Blueberry told us tonight at dinner that she just left her shyness in the car for the lesson.

After the lesson, I asked, "Blueberry, can I tell you how proud I was of you during your lesson?" She requested that I not tell her as such. "Can I tell Pappa all about your lesson?" She, who does not like to be in any sort of spotlight, suggested (strongly) that I could tell Pappa she had the lesson and leave it at that.

All of this follows a much anticipated birthday party with the family and Gramma and Grampa at which Blueberry hid her head during the singing and a birthday day where she loudly declared that we were not to wish her a happy birthday.

Fair enough.

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