Sunday, May 20, 2007


I am attempting to occasionally write down some of the memories I will want to cherish, but have yet to record and will no doubt forget:

When Eggplant first came home at just shy of 22 months, he was somewhat sickly and pretty scared (understandably). In need of comfort, he would walk over to me quietly, lift his shirt up, and then crawl under my shirt without a word, pop his head out of my neck opening, and fall asleep sucking his thumb. We spent many Saturdays and Sundays (when HotNerd was home and could take over holding Rhubarb) this way.

As Rhubarb was learning English, anytime she did not know a word, she would say "tee-tee-ta". "Mamma, please want teeteeta eat." "Mamma, get teeteeta for me play." "Mamma, we go teeteeta?" "Mamma....look! Look! Teeteeta!" Confusing, but both cute and clever.

When Blueberry was somewhere between 18 months and 2 years old, we were at our usual Tuesday playdate at Annie's. The rest of us were scattered around the house, but Blueberry was in the kitchen. Annie and I peeked around the corner to see what she was doing. Having played in Annie's spice cabinet ( low cabinet), Blueberry had apparently spilled ground sage all over the floor. When we spied her, she had the huge broom and dustpan (which she had gone into the adjacent laundry room to retrieve) and was fruitlessly trying to clean up the sage. Annie and I started laughing, at which point Blueberry looked up at us with an absolutely mortified expression on her face and started to cry inconsolably (pouty lip and all). She would not look at Annie. No amount of trying to convince her that we were not angry, but thought it was sweet that she wanted to clean up the mess with a gigantic broom would console her. You see, Blueberry has a soft spot for Annie and is easily upset if she thinks there might be the slightest reason for Annie to be disappointed or upset with her, despite the fact that Annie has never expressed disappointment or anger towards Blueberry. When Annie, for example, has done the typical worried adult lunge to save Blueberry from knocking something over or the worried "Stop!" to prevent Blueberry from danger, her attempts to help are always met with the same pouty lip and inconsolable cries. Perhaps I should have Annie give Blueberry the speeches about teen partying and the like. Since she despairs at disappointing Annie, it might actually be effective.

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