Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Underwear Everywhere!

Blueberry is officially in underwear!

She told me last Thursday she wanted a pink twirly dress (in which to make her famed robot). On a whim that same day (because I'm so over diapers), I let her know that buying said pink twirly dress would be a great celebratory culmination of several days in underwear. She let me know that she would indeed wear underwear, but ONLY if she could have that pink twirly dress. She was firm on this point. She uttered it repeatedly, hands flailing about in emphasis. She really had no desire to wear underwear (which is completely contrary to everything I have read about using cloth diapers), despite having incredible control over her bladder and bowels and knowing exactly when she needs to go. The pink twirly dress, however, the same one whose picture she slept with for several nights, was enough motivation to get her into those underwear.

By Saturday, she declared herself potty trained ans donned her pink, twirly dress. It has only come off in exchange for pajamas since. She has had only 2 accidents, both the result of over-tiredness and my neglect in suggesting the potty after a prolonged dry spell.

The pink twirly dress prevails!

(please don't tell my feminist compaeras)

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