Saturday, March 3, 2007

On Robots

Blueberry is standing on a box and using a xylophone mallet to hammer something onto the couch. Occasionally, she asks me for a screwdriver and more batteries. "Mamma," my 2 year old inquires, "Can you please go get my pink robot?" I walk to the hall and hold the hand of an imaginary pink robot. I walk it to Blueberry, who thanks me, and then proceeds to hammer and twist the mallet a bit more. "The pink robot is jumping now!" she tells me. But, alas, the batteries die all too soon and she comes to me for yet another set of imaginary batteries. She suffers occasional bouts of disappointment when her pink robot does not move as soon as she changes the batteries, but persists. "Oh man," she says, "Now I have to put in MORE new batteries. (to me) Lady, I need MORE batteries."

This moment is brought to us by our trip to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum last weekend. They had a special robot exhibit.

Apparently, now, she herself is the robot.

Good times.

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